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Eric Muss-Barnes was raised by the 1940's swingkid generation. His maternal grandparents, with their youth spent during the era of WWII, brought Eric up in Cleveland, Ohio - the Rock 'N' Roll Capital of the World.

Eric has worked as a stand-in (for the stunt coordinator of The Crow) on a martial arts film, and as a freelance artist for the toy design division of American Greetings. He has crewed on an Academy Award nominated feature (look for him in the credits of American Splendor), and written, directed and produced an award-nominated, critically-acclaimed short-film entitled The Unseelie Court, which was screened in numerous film festivals across the country and is available on DVD. His writing has been published in numerous magazines around the world, such as Outburn and IndustrialnatioN, and within multiple anthologies, such as Tales From The Dark Tower and The Skateboarder's Journal - Lives on Board, while his professional photography has been exhibited and sold in art galleries from Ohio to Hollywood. His second book, entitled Schooling Your Boss To Not Suck, regales amusing tales of unfortunate managers at various jobs he's held over the years. Originally entitled In This Harsh World... Draw Thy Breath In Pain, he has composed and published a tongue-in-cheek book of poetry retitled Forever Loving You. Other career highlights are featured in his vocational autobiography How You Can Get a Job at Walt Disney Studios Without a College Degree, which outlines his entire professional life until being hired at Disney, where he developed Internet technology for over half-a-dozen years.

Beyond his artistic endeavors, Eric has been an avid freestyle BMX rider, snowboarder, mountain biker, equestrian and bodyboarder. With dozens of solo hours of flight time, he is a certified Hang 2 pilot with an aerotow rating in the United States Hang Gliding Association, and involved in medieval martial arts with the Society for Creative Anachronism. He is also a passionate motorcyclist (Eric doesn't even own a car - he prefers a bike) having organized multiple grouprides in the mountains of Southern California. Eric has remained a fairly diehard skateboarder for decades, riding skateparks and pools all around Los Angeles, creating the revolutionary educational video DVD entitled Learn To Ride A Skateboard with Holly Lyons, who was, at the time, ranked the top woman skater in the world. His various skateboarding videos have accumulated well over 1.5 million viewers on the Internet. Combining two passions, Eric also released a successful line of skateboard decks featuring his photography of bikini models, called California Girls Skateboards.

Eric lives and works in Hollywood where, now and then, he still finds the time to dance for hours on end at alternative and underground nightclubs, just like he did when writing his first novel, The Gothic Rainbow: Beginning Volume of the Vampire Noctuaries.

Annwn's Maelstrom Festival: Concluding Volume Of The Vampire Noctuaries is Eric's fifth book and second novel.




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